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Cats in the Internet Age

In today’s world, cats have become a ubiquitous presence on the internet. From adorable cat videos to funny memes featuring felines, it seems like these curious creatures have taken over the digital landscape. But not all cats are content with just being internet stars. Some have become unhinged by the constant attention and adoration, resulting in behavior that can only be described as deranged.

These cats, driven mad by their fame and the endless stream of stimuli from the internet, lash out in bizarre ways. They may exhibit strange vocalizations, engage in destructive behavior, or exhibit other symptoms of instability. In some cases, their mental health deteriorates to the point where they must be removed from the internet altogether for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

It’s clear that the internet age has had a profound effect on the behavior of cats. While many have thrived in this new environment, others have been driven to the brink of madness. It’s important for cat owners to monitor their pets’ internet usage and ensure that they are not being overwhelmed by the constant stream of information and stimulation. By doing so, we can prevent more cats from succumbing to the dark side of the internet age.